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Transparent Rigid PVC Film

Serial Number: FPVCR8-120302

Our transparent rigid PVC film offers many great features, such as light weight, high clarity and gloss, great impact resistance, good thermal formability, etc. In addition, it is suitable for die cutting, thermal deep drawing, laminating and printing. The PVC film has found a wide variety of applications, including thermoforming packaging, folding box, skin and blister packaging, electronic devices packing, food packaging, stationery, metallizing, and more.

To ensure the quality of our products, we conduct strict quality inspections on our transparent rigid PVC films before delivery. Our monthly production of 3000 tons enables us to quickly meet customers' any sized orders.


Thickness 0.05-1.0 mm
Width(max) 2100 mm
Packaging in rolls or in sheets
In rolls 50 kg or 100 kg per package, outer packaging: kraft paper
Roll core 3" or 6"
In sheets 100-1000 sheets per package, PE wrapped

Rigid PVC Technical Parameters

Property Test Method Unit Vacuum Forming Food Packaging Fold Molding
Chroma Transparent /
Opaque / / /
Specific Gravity ASTM-D 792-66 ±3% 1.32 1.35 1.35 1.36 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35
Tensile Strength ASTM-D 638/882 kg/c㎡ (min.) 450 450 450 460 450 450 450 450 450 450
Tensile Elongation ASTM-D 638/882 %(min.) 80-120 80-150 80-150 80-120 80-150 100-150 100-150 80-150 80-150 80-150
Vicat Temperature ASTM-D 1525-76 ℃(min.) 80 83 83 83 83 83 83 83 83 83
Heat Distortion Temperature ASTM-D 1637 ℃(min) 65 68 68 68 68 68 65 68 68 68
Transparency ASTM-D 71003.61 % (min.) 90.5 85 85 85 88 30 40 85 88 88
Haze ASTM-D 71003.61 %(max.) 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 / / 3.0 3.0 3.0

Rigid Film Specifications

PVC Rigid Film and Sheet

Code No. Major Application Characteristics Thickness (mm)
2VVVD Deep mold forming Good formability 0.1~0.8
2VVVG General vacuum forming Great formability, impact resistance and good chemical resistance 0.09~0.8
2VVVB Battery packaging Clear, high impact resistance and good formability 0.1~0.8
2VVVS Box lid Non-whitening while folding, fit for processing round tube lids but with poor flow mark control than 2VBBB 0.09~0.8
2VBBB Box lid Non-whitening while folding, fit for processing round tube lids 0.09~0.8
2VBBF Box lid folding Fit for angular type packaging box 0.10~0.5
2VFFA Photo album High-frequency welding 0.07~0.15
2VFFB Folding box Great fold forming, high transparency 0.10~0.5
2VFFF Fruit trays Good for speedy and extensive forming 0.10~0.18
2VFVG General food pack Good formability 0.09~0.8
2VSSA Photo album Good transparency, high toughness 0.05~0.1
2VSSC Card case High gloss, high transparency, good impact resistance 0.10~0.8
2VSSG General stationery Great printability and flatness, good for hot press lamination 0.04~0.8
2VSSR Spiral binder Opaque, bright color, good dimensional stability and toughness 0.30~0.8
2VSSS Stress whitening tapes Great whitening effect and toughness 0.15~0.3
2VSSP Light accumulation Effect of keeping light 0.07~0.2
2VLLL Card overlay Matte, translucent, good laminability and layflat quality 0.04~0.2
2VLLT Floor tile overlay Good laminability, both layflat quality and abrasion resistance are great 0.04~0.2
2VPPG General printing Good printability, also good formability 0.25~0.8
2VPPL Labels Bending resistance, high toughness, good printability and laminability 0.25~0.8
2VPPP Playing cards Good printability and stiffness, bending resistance, high opacity 0.20~0.4
2VPPS Synthetic paper Paper imitation, good printability and ink dries rapidly 0.08~0.6
2VPPT Card core sticking Non-lead formula, with the same characteristics as 2VPPL 0.25~0.8
2VDDC Ceiling lamination Deep and vivid embossed grain 0.05~0.15
2VDDD Carved door Vivid and lifelike colors and grains, good shallow formation 0.25~0.6
2VDDE Edging strip High impact resistance and laminability 0.25~0.6
2VDDL Lampshade Soft color, even light transparency, good printability 0.15~0.4
2VDDP Plate lamination Great layflat quality, good laminability 0.05~0.2
2VMMD Christmas decoration Bright color, good smoothness 0.035~0.2
2VMMF Food packing Food grade metallized films, good formability 0.09~0.5
2VMMS Sequins High gloss, good impact resistance 0.10~0.3
2VMMV Vacuum forming High gloss 0.20~0.5
2VWWC Cooling tower plate High heat distortion resistance, good formability 0.20~0.75
2VWWW Waste water treatment Good chemical and heat distortion resistance, good formability 0.20~0.75
2VZZC Christmas tree leaves Lifelike color, even dullness, good recoverability 0.04~0.25
2VZZD Christmas tree leaves Non-whitening, with the same characteristics as 2VZZC 0.04~0.25
2VZZJ Insulation cover materials Good weather resistance, combustion resistance 0.27~1.0
2VZZM Vacuum metallizing Good transparency, excellent vacuum metallizing 0.035~0.05

As the proportion of plasticizer used differs, polyvinyl chloride film can be divided into rigid PVC film and flexible PVC film. 2/3 polyvinyl chloride films used today are rigid PVC films. Our company is a rigid transparent PVC film supplier in China. With high strength, good toughness, long service life, no toxicity and odor, our products are usually used for rigid plastic packaging. The appearance of our PVC film is comparable to that of cellophane. However, it is available at much lower prices.

We is a China-based transparent rigid PVC film manufacturer and supplier. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including matt PVC film, laminated film, PVC/PET thermoforming packaging, and PVC/PET folding box, among others.

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