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Transparent Soft PVC Film

Serial Number: FPVCR8-120302

With a maximum width of 1900 mm and thickness ranging from 0.08 mm to 1.0 mm, our transparent soft PVC film can suit customers' diverse size requirements. Thanks to its great transparency, high flexibility and tear resistance, the PVC film is widely used for making bags, tents, textile packing, craft gifts, electronic tapes, raincoats, and more.

Our company consistently strives to improve our soft PVC film though experimental research. Using the optimal proportion of plasticizer makes PVC resin have increased mobility and reduced crystallization of molecular chain. This contributes to better plasticity of the packaging film. In addition, our transparent soft PVC film is chemically stable. It is insoluble in water, alcohol, gasoline, etc. Under normal temperature conditions, the film can withstand concentrated hydrochloric acid at room temperature, 90 % sulfuric acid, 50 %-60 % nitric acid and 20 % caustic soda solution. Hence, it can be used in various harsh outdoor environments.

Feature Data

Typical Specification Unit MD (Machine Direction) TD (Transverse Direction) Test Method
Thickness mm 0.08-1.0
Tensile Strength MPa 80 310 ASTM D882
Elongation % 700 75 ASTM D882
Impact Strength J 1.4
Haze % 6.5 ASTM D1003
Gloss % 180 ASTM D523
Coefficient of Fraction - 0.27 ASTM D1894
Heat Shrinkage % 0.38
Natural Shrinkage % 0.00 0.5
Density 1.3

Our transparent soft PVC films are shipped in rolls, 20 kg to 100 kg per package. The outer packaging is kraft paper, and roll core is 3".

As an experienced transparent soft PVC manufacturer and supplier in China, We provide various types of products such as virgin PET film, laminated film, recycled PET film, and colored rigid PVC film.

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