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Embossed Rigid PVC Film

The embossed rigid PVC film supplied by us in the market is available in two grades: transparent grade and opaque grade. It is offered in different grains as well, including satin (diamond form), honeycomb, morocco, and more. Our embossed PVC film is quite remarkable for its multiple uses in varied applications. Typically, it is used in the production of stationary, photo album, rainwear and many similar items.

Polyvinyl chloride film is a versatile synthetic material that is widely used in the building materials, packaging and many other industries. As a specialized PVC film manufacturer, our company is able to satisfy customers with high quality embossed rigid PVC film. This product is mainly made based on polyvinyl chloride resin and a variety of modifiers, through synthesis, embossing and other processes. This type of embossed plastic film provides high water resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance and long service life. In addition, it can be easily and firmly bonded to other sheet materials.

We is a professional embossed rigid PVC film manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as transparent soft PVC, laminated film, PVC/PET cylinder packaging, and recycled PET film.

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