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Matt PVC Film

The matt PVC film is one of the major film products we offer. It is primarily composed of three layers, including top paint layer, middle polyvinyl chloride layer and bottom adhesive layer. Compared with ordinary plastic packaging films, our matt PVC film offers a greater hand feeling and creates a better visual experience due to its matt finish. It is now extensively used in making handbags, cosmetic bags, stationery, toys, etc.

In order to offer customers reliable, safe matt PVC films, we consistently work to improve our products by optimizing formula and proportions of modifiers. As a result of our efforts, our polyvinyl chloride films have good flexibility and high resistance to heat, weather and impact. Additionally, they are nontoxic, odorless and will not stimulate the human skin and respiratory system.

As an experienced matt PVC film manufacturer in China, at We we offer a vast array of products that includes PVC film, PET film, laminated film, finished packaging products, and more.

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