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Laminated PVC/PE Film

Our rigid laminated PVC/PE film is a specially laminated film with polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene base materials. As it provides higher oxygen and water barrier properties than standard PVC film, the laminated film is also called a barrier film. This film is usually used for food container application where sealing with a peelable PE is required. It is also used in thermoform packaging and pharmaceutical packaging for clamshells, medicine blisters, suppository shells.


Thickness PVC: 0.20 mm-0.50 mm PE: 0.05 mm-0.1 mm
Width 10 cm-140 cm
Roll Size (Diameter) 27 cm-100 cm (10.6 inch-39 inch)
Color Clear PVC film has two tones, including standard blue tint and natural tint. Color laminated PVC/PE film can be semi-transparent or solid colored

Due to technological progress, various kinds of functional and eco friendly packaging films are developed and introduced to the market. As a specialized laminated film supplier in China, we strive to provide quality laminated PVC/PE films to customers. Compared with separate PVC or PE film, our laminated plastic film offers better properties, like tensile strength, impact resistance and puncture resistance. In addition, its gas barrier property, moisture resistance, cold and heat resistance are also enhanced. Therefore, our product can well protect the packaged goods, which helps extend the storage period of food, medicine, etc.

As a laminated PVC/PE film manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers laminated PET/PE film, metallized PET film, virgin PET film, and transparent rigid PVC film, among others.

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