Eco-friendly Disposable Microwave Plastic Food Containers

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Eco-friendly Disposable Microwave Plastic Food Containers

Due to the adoption of high quality mold and raw materials, the disposable microwave plastic food container is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and leaking proof. The disposable container is ideal for freshness preservation and is easy to use. With superior high and low temperature resistance, it is compatible with microwave, freezer and dishwasher.


Product Capacity MaterialColorWeight (g)Size (cm)
500ml PPTransparent2217.4*12.2*4cm
750ml PPTransparent2517.4*12.2*5.5cm
1000ml PPTransparent2717.4*12.2*6.3cm
2000ml PPTransparent4522.5*14.9*9.4cm

Disposable PP Food Container with Lid 550ml
Capacity: 550ml
Dimension: 17.4*12.2*5.4cm
Material: PP
Processing technology: Injection molding
Color: Transparent
MOQ: 20,000 Pieces
Terms of Payment: T/T, L/C
Delivery Port: Xiamen City of China
Delivery Time: Normally within 15 days after receive down payment

1. The product is produced based on our 8 years experience in this industry, and can be offered at competitive prices.
2. Clean, non-toxic and odorless, it is safe to use.
3. The product can be customized into any shape according to clients' demands. Private labels and logo can be designed.
4. It is recyclable due to its environmental friendly raw material.
5. Empty containers can be stacked to save space.

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