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  • Cylinder PackagingOur PVC/PET cylinder packaging is made using ultrasonic wave equipment. Unlike traditional techniques, it utilizes non-glue adhesive technique and thus is nontoxic. The finished packaging product is beautiful without sewing lines.
    Our cylinder packaging comes in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Available shapes include ...
  • Thermoforming PackagingOur PVC/PET thermoforming packaging is made from rigid polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate film material. With great vacuum forming ability, this material is impact resistant and chemical resistant, which makes it a good choice for forming packing box for stationery, toys, tools, gifts and other merchandise. It is also suitable for deep drawing and shallow drawing process.
  • Folding BoxOur rigid PVC/PET folding box is strong, durable and has high transparency, which can well protect the packaged goods and allow consumers to easily see their shape and obvious features. It is usually used for packaging of toys, gifts, clothes, cosmetics and food. With a special formula, the PVC/PET film can go through folding process while not creating white crease line.

With years of experience in the field, our company is able to provide a great variety of finished packaging product and packaging solution to customers worldwide. Cylinder packaging, thermoforming packaging and folding box are some of our major products. They are suitable for packaging of stationery, toys, hardware, food, crafts, cosmetics, industrial parts, electronic items, and more. As we manufacture our environmentally friendly packaging products in accordance with EN71-3, ROHS, 2005/84/EC, 94/62/EC, REACH, PAHS standards and can supply SGS and TüV test reports, global customers can feel secure in purchasing from us.

Due to their delicate appearances, novel patterns and bright colors, our finished packaging products perform a decorative function, in addition to the protection function. Reliable, economical and transparent, they can be easily placed or hung on the supermarket shelves, which allows consumers to conveniently inspect the goods.

Our company offers many kinds of packaging materials, like PVC film, PET film, laminated film and metallized PET film. This makes it possible for us to produce our finished plastic packaging products using different materials. In addition, we can help customers to select the appropriate products according to the shapes, sizes and properties of goods to be packaged.

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Other products
  • Laminated PVC/PE FilmOur rigid laminated PVC/PE film is a specially laminated film with polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene base materials. As it provides higher oxygen and water barrier properties than standard PVC film, the laminated film is also called a barrier film. This film is usually used for food container application where sealing with a peelable PE is required.
  • Laminated PET/PE FilmOur rigid laminated PET/PE film is a type of laminated film made by sticking PET film and PE film together. It is often used for food container application requiring sealing with a peelable PE. The laminated film offers better oxygen and water barrier properties than standard PVC film. It is commonly found in pharmaceutical packaging for medicine blisters, suppository shells, etc.