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Hot Stamping Printing

Hot stamping, also known as foil stamping, uses either dyes or metal stamps to bond metal foil to paper, fabric, plastic, or other surfaces. During the hot stamping printing, controlled heat, pressure and precision timing all are used for applying the preprinted pigment to the substrates.

Hot stamping printing is a straightforward process:
A die is mounted and heated. It contains a raised graphic image and is used to press the inks onto the surface.
Foil is positioned above the material to be imprinted.
The quality of the stamp is affected by a combination of factors, like heat, dwell time, pressure and stripping time.

Hot stamping is usually used to satisfy the demand for plastic products with a decorative surface. It is also a common decoration method for household appliances and consumer electronic products. Nowadays, there is an increasing need for hot stamping printing services. Our company consistently works to fulfill this need by partnering with competent printing plant in China.

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