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  • Transparent Rigid PVC FilmOur transparent rigid PVC film offers many great features, such as light weight, high clarity and gloss, great impact resistance, good thermal formability, etc. In addition, it is suitable for die cutting, thermal deep drawing, laminating and printing. The PVC film has found a wide variety of applications, including thermoforming packaging, folding box, skin and blister packaging, electronic devices packing, ...
  • Transparent Soft PVC FilmWith a maximum width of 1900 mm and thickness ranging from 0.08 mm to 1.0 mm, our transparent soft PVC film can suit customers' diverse size requirements. Thanks to its great transparency, high flexibility and tear resistance, the PVC film is widely used for making bags, tents, textile packing, craft gifts, electronic tapes, raincoats, and more.
  • Colored PVC FilmOur colored PVC film film is available in gloss finish or matt finish. It could be transparent, translucent and opaque, to suit users' different demands. In addition, our PVC film can be customized according to users' color requirements. Featuring high impact resistance, aging resistance, easy workability and good fire retardant property, our color rigid, soft PVC films are extensively used in ...
  • Embossed Rigid PVC FilmThe embossed rigid PVC film supplied by us in the market is available in two grades: transparent grade and opaque grade. It is offered in different grains as well, including satin (diamond form), honeycomb, morocco, and more. Our embossed PVC film is quite remarkable for its multiple uses in varied applications. Typically, it is used ...
  • Matt PVC FilmThe matt PVC film is one of the major film products we offer. It is primarily composed of three layers, including top paint layer, middle polyvinyl chloride layer and bottom adhesive layer. Compared with ordinary plastic packaging films, our matt PVC film offers a greater hand feeling and creates a better visual experience due to its matt finish.
  • Virgin PET FilmOur company provides customers with a variety of quality virgin PET films. The A-PET (Amorphous-polyethylene terephthalate) film is an amorphous thermoplastic material composed of carbon hydrogen and oxygen elements. This product is environmentally friendly because it will not produce toxic gases in the process of combustion.
  • Recycled PET FilmOur company offers customers quality recycled PET film, which has been specially developed as a cost saving alternative to the virgin PET film. Our product can be made using 20 %, 30 %, 50 %, or up to 100 % recycled polyethylene terephthalate material. It has passed the FDA food grade test and is safe to be use for food container application.
  • Eco-friendly Disposable Microwave Plastic Food ContainersDue to the adoption of high quality mold and raw materials, the disposable microwave plastic food container is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and leaking proof. The disposable container is ideal for freshness preservation and is easy to use. With superior high and low temperature resistance, it is compatible with microwave, freezer and dishwasher.
  • Laminated PVC/PE FilmOur rigid laminated PVC/PE film is a specially laminated film with polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene base materials. As it provides higher oxygen and water barrier properties than standard PVC film, the laminated film is also called a barrier film. This film is usually used for food container application where sealing with a peelable PE is required.
  • Laminated PET/PE FilmOur laminated PET/PE films are available in a variety of specifications. Their maximum width is 1800 mm. Available PET thicknesses are from 0.10 mm to 0.40 mm, and available PE thicknesses are from 0.03 mm to 0.05 mm. Our products also come in multiple colors, like transparent, white, and black. In addition, they can be customized according to client's color requirements.
  • Metallized PET FilmMetallizing of polyester film under vacuum conditions is a proven technology to achieve a metal look for decorative applications or special properties for reducing the diffusion of gases and flavors through the film. Hence, the metallized PET film is usually used as a packaging material or decorative material.
  • Cylinder PackagingOur PVC/PET cylinder packaging is made using ultrasonic wave equipment. Unlike traditional techniques, it utilizes non-glue adhesive technique and thus is nontoxic. The finished packaging product is beautiful without sewing lines.
    Our cylinder packaging comes in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Available shapes include ...
  • Thermoforming PackagingOur PVC/PET thermoforming packaging is made from rigid polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate film material. With great vacuum forming ability, this material is impact resistant and chemical resistant, which makes it a good choice for forming packing box for stationery, toys, tools, gifts and other merchandise. It is also suitable for deep drawing and shallow drawing process.
  • Folding BoxOur rigid PVC/PET folding box is strong, durable and has high transparency, which can well protect the packaged goods and allow consumers to easily see their shape and obvious features. It is usually used for packaging of toys, gifts, clothes, cosmetics and food. With a special formula, the PVC/PET film can go through folding process while not creating white crease line.
  • Silk Screen PrintingSilk screen printing offers many advantages, like brilliant colors, long term storage period, low cost, ease of use, etc. However, high ink density is the most significant one. Compared with other printing techniques, it allows a greater thickness of the ink to be applied to the stock. In addition, silk screen printing can be used to print on most surfaces, whether a flat, spherical or concave/convex surface.
  • Offset PrintingCompared with other printing techniques, offset printing offers such advantages as high printing speed, consistent high image quality, and quick production of printing plates. In addition, it can cost-effectively produce large volumes of quality prints. Today, this printing technique has found a wide variety of applications, including newspapers, stationery, books, etc.
  • Hot Stamping PrintingHot stamping, also known as foil stamping, uses either dyes or metal stamps to bond metal foil to paper, fabric, plastic, or other surfaces. During the hot stamping printing, controlled heat, pressure and precision timing all are used for applying the preprinted pigment to the substrates.

With sophisticated facilities, such as a slitting factory, CNC mold processing center, vacuum forming factory, and injection molding factory, we at We effectively integrate our resources and can perform each procedure necessary in the production of a finished packaging product, like box folding, thermoforming and printing. This enables us to better control product quality during each procedure, and it also reduces our cost while increasing production. In fact, we can supply 3,000 tons of PVC material and 1,500 tons of APET sheet material per month. Additionally, our location in the beautiful port city of Xiamen, affords us convenient air, land and sea transportation, which helps to lower shipping costs for both us and our customers. As a result, providing quality embossed rigid PVC film, metallized PET film, and PVC/PET folding box products at competitive prices is possible at We.

We understand customers may want to inspect our plastic sheets or packaging products before placing a large order. Hence, we provide complimentary samples, for just the cost of shipping. In addition, our high production capacity allows us to fill any sized orders quickly. Generally, our delivery time is 10 days. Upon request, we also offer OEM service as well as suggestions regarding customer's individual designs.

Currently, we are providing quality, economical PVC films, PET films, laminated films, and services to customers from Europe, North America, the Middle East, and other regions. SONY, ADIDAS, FOXCONN, TOPSTAR, HILIGHT and AUO are just some of our prestigious customers.

We is a professional PVC film manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including transparent rigid PVC film, laminated PET/PE film, PVC/PET folding box, virgin PET film, and much more.